About Us

SEEC is a progressive nonprofit agency providing a wide range of community supports to help people with developmental disabilities direct their lives toward meaningful days and happy lives. We provide vocational, educational, recreational, and residential supports to more than 200 adults who have autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other intellectual disabilities. SEEC’s Parent to Parent program provides free and confidential mentoring and resource support to families of children under the age of 21 who have disabilities, mental illness, and/or chronic medical issues.

SEEC was founded in 1987. Karen J. Lee has served as executive director for more than 25 years. The agency is governed by a volunteer Board of Director comprised of community supports, family members of the people we support, and at least one individual receiving our services. Our workforce consists of more than 200 professionals dedicated to supporting individuals in ways that are Person-Centered and community inclusive.

Self-direction and community inclusion serve as the core for all of SEEC’s services. Supports are provided solely in the community and are directed by the interests, needs, and aspirations of each individual. As active, involved members of the community, people with developmental disabilities see themselves in a new light - as achievers, contributors, coworkers, and friends. Their assimilation in all aspects of community life contributes to the diversity of our society, evokes a sense of commonality, and helps change negative public perception of people with disabilities in the following ways:

The end result is a "win-win" for the individual and the community. The individual enjoys a sense of belonging, worth, and greater self-esteem and the community benefits from the unique contributions people with developmental disabilities make to the fabric of our society. 


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