Community and Employment Network (CEN)

Community and Employment Network (CEN) provide educational, recreational, fitness, and social opportunities to help each individual supported further develop their personal skills and interests to broaden their employment or self-employment options. SEEC Employment Specialists work with each individual to create a weekly schedule of well-rounded, meaningful days that provide personal enrichment and prosperous employment. Our direct support staff provide on-the-job training and assistance as needed, and when appropriate, develop or obtain adaptive equipment to help individuals perform their jobs with greater independence.

People receiving Community and Employment Network (CEN) supports spend their entire day in the community. Mornings are spent working, volunteering, or participating in job-readiness activities. Afternoons are filled with educational, leisure and fitness activties.

SEEC also assists individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit to create micro-enterprises that benefit their communities. Supports are delivered in the community and are customized to meet each person’s goals.

The men and women of SEEC can be found working and volunteering throughout Montgomery County and the District of Columbia at government offices, nonprofit agencies, restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments.  Click here to view the names of current SEEC Employers.


This page was last updated on 9/16/15.