I really enjoy working with Langston and he does a very good job on the things I work with him on. He’s so hard working and serious about his responsibilities, and he always comes through for me, whether that’s help with the copiers/supplies or delivering the returns we get from FDA. Those sound like minor things, but they have a way of making or breaking the efficiency of our FDA deliverables, and so they really are not minor. He also brings a certain spark to the Emmes community: I’ve enjoyed seeing him thrive, and I’ve also enjoyed seeing him develop what seems like a sense of comfort and belonging as he’s gained confidence in his job. Please pass on my admiration for him and for SEEC.
-Helen, Emmes


We have learned so much from Josh. We have learned how to have more patience.

-‘Jesus, Shapiro and Duncan

Bruce’s strong work ethic and captivating personality have made him a pleasure to work with. It has been incredible to watch him achieve success through his endeavors and grow as an individual. For 16 years, Bruce has been an invaluable asset of Discovery.

-Mike Price, Building Operations Senior Manager, Discovery Communications


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Our role is to identify opportunities for people to live and work independently and with dignity in the community. SEEC’s services enable those we support to pursue these goals by connecting their talents and skills to employer needs.



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