Announcing a New Program

Exciting Changes at SEEC!

Announcing a New Program
Departments Restructure to Maintain Mission Focus

SEEC is proud to announce exciting changes in our structure to further support our mission and enhance our ability to stand as the premiere agency providing progressive services for people with disabilities. On July 1, 2019, SEEC will launch a new Individual Supports Program which will operate alongside the current Community Living Program. Both programs will function under a new department called, Supported Living. Individual Supports will serve people who reside in their own home and are assisted by a circle of support. Those requiring more traditional community residential services will continue to receive those supports within the Community Living Program which will fall under the Supported Living Department.

The expanded Supported Living (SL) Department will be managed by long time SEEC Director, Franstine Wallace-Barnes. Ms. Wallace-Barnes will provide leadership for the Individual Supports Program which will be led by John Stemn and the Community Living Program which will continue to be managed by Veronica Lawrence.

“SEEC is an organization which is constantly evolving. We continue to provide the expertise and model best practices as thought leaders in the field of disability supports,” said Executive Director, Karen Lee. “This new structure brings together the best practices of each department to create a shared vision for what community living means to each person we support. In addition, this new department helps SEEC create an infrastructure for future growth and specialization in the area of Supported Living”

Your Questions Answered

Why is this change happening?
SEEC is transforming to move toward our strategic vision as an organization focused on areas of expertise offering a full menu of supports to those we serve. This new approach allows the departments to refine their areas of focus; eliminate duplication of efforts; and work cross departmentally in a seamless manner.

Which services are actually changing?
Services are not changing, but some staff and people we support will transition to the new department or program. Some staff who are currently assigned to work in Supported Living through Discoveries will be transitioned to the Individual Supports Program.

How will this affect my position at SEEC?
If you have any questions about how this change will affect you, please speak with your immediate supervisor. Most staff will experience no change in their day to day activities. Additional questions can be directed via email to Franstine Wallace-Barnes and Cindy Kauffman.

When will these changes occur?
The departments will be transitioning over the next three months. Department heads and directors will be scheduling one on one meetings with any one affected by the change.

How will Community Living be structured now that it is larger?
The Community Living Department is expanding and will be renamed Supported Living; however, the traditional Community Living services remain much the same and will be housed within the new larger department. The Supported Living Department will be be divided into the Individual Supports and Community Living programs. It is important to remember; however, that these divisions are administrative only. It is always SEEC’s goal to provide supports in a holistic manner offering services where needed and fading out when no longer required. This approach provides the best chance of success for each person we support.

We anticipate a bright future and continuing evolution as we constantly look for ways to improve our service delivery. Please contact Franstine Wallace-Barnes at and Cindy Kauffman at should you have any questions or great ideas!