August SEEC E-News

Workforce Learning in a Virtual Classroom by Jessica Neely

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SEEC has been a leader in developing new frameworks and resources for service delivery. Faced with the challenges of
providing virtual support, we have also discovered unique opportunities and tools. As the lead partner in the Maryland Direct Support Training
Consortium, a group that includes Jubilee Association, Compass, Spring Dell Center, and The Arc Howard County, SEEC was in the midst of offering our DSP II and Mentor Track spring training when the pandemic hit. Program Director Ric Andrews, along with training mentees and colleagues from
SEEC’s Knowledge Management Team, quickly transitioned this five-month course into a virtual format. Based on a hybrid model of monthly in-person classes supplemented by online learning modules, the MDDSP courses already involved independent online learning. Yet time together
learning as a group, modeling, sharing, and enjoying collegial fellowship were highlights for us all…READ MORE