Become an Employer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SEEC employer! If you have a staffing need for loyal, reliable, committed and passionate employees or interns, then SEEC can help. We support approximately 200 active job seekers whose background and skills are as varied as your business’ needs. For close to 30 years, SEEC has helped over 100 small, medium and large employers find dedicated employees known for their diligence on the job and their longevity at their place of employment.

It is our goal to ensure that each job placement is a win/win for you and the employee. Our customized approach starts with your business’ needs. Our staff of employment professionals spend time getting to know you and your organization and will help you identify entry level tasks that will improve your business’s efficiency and your bottom line. Once we have agreed on the primary business needs, our team will match those tasks to the talents and interests of the appropriate job seeker. We have had much success conducting pre-screening to identify the most qualified candidates, and enabling the employer to meet a short-list of excellent prospects. You control whom you meet, interview and eventually hire. However, we are not done at this point. Many staffing agencies walk away once a candidate is placed, but not SEEC.

Our job retention team of trained job coaches facilitate on-site training needs, provide continuous on-the-job supports if needed, and communicate with you and your other employees on an ongoing basis. Our presence is determined by your needs and the employee’s. We aim to make sure the match is working and the new employee is comfortable within the first few weeks of hire, and will continue to support the coworkers, supervisors and team as a whole to maintain successful employment.

We have found that most SEEC employees can work independently once initial training as been completed. Many take public transportation to and from  their jobs.

Employees form friendships with their coworkers and take great pride in their work. There are also many benefits to you as the employer. Hiring from SEEC is a smart thing to do, a great way to diversify your workforce, improve efficiency, and demonstrate your commitment to improving the lives of others in your community.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring from SEEC, contact our Employer Outreach team lead, Pam Toole at 240-705-2705.