Behavioral Support Services

Behavioral Support Services (BSS) are an array of services offered to provide people needing behavioral, social, or emotional support. These services may include the initial consultation; assessment process; behavior plan development; and behavior support implementation training. Throughout this process, the primary focus is to enhance the person’s independence and inclusion in their community.

Until recently, Arc Southern Maryland has been the sole provider of Behavioral Support Services for our region. Now, however, people who are receiving services from SEEC or another DDA provider who currently have a Behavior Plan or may need these supports will have the option to choose from whom they would like to receive Behavioral Support Services. The decision does not have any effect on other current services received.

SEEC believes that by providing Behavioral Support Services to those we are already supporting in other service areas, we can ensure more consistency in our support to people. By bringing services to SEEC, we believe Direct Support Professionals will be better trained to implement the behavior plan and will have in-house or local education should they need more training. The choice to move to SEEC Behavioral Support Services will take place when a need arises, the behavior plan needs to be renewed or during the person-centered planning process.

For more information about our Behavioral Support Services, please contact Jessica Neely, or at (240) 893-0268.