Behavioral Support Services

What is Behavioral Support Services (BSS)?

Behavioral Support Services (BSS) are an array of services offered to people needing behavioral, social, or emotional support. These services may include the initial consultation; assessment process; behavior plan development; and behavior support implementation training. Throughout this process, the primary focus is to enhance the person’s independence and inclusion in their community.

Who May Receive Behavioral Support Services?

People who are receiving services from SEEC, or another DDA provider,and who currently have a Behavior Plan, or may need a plan, can choosefrom whom they would like to receive Behavioral Support Services.


What do Behavioral Support Services include?

Behavioral Support Services include the assessment process, behavior plan development, consultation, and behavior support implementation and training.

Would my decision to either continue Behavioral Supports from my provider or change to SEEC affect my current services?

The decision you make does not have any effect on the current services you receive from SEEC or any other provider. In other words, this is an additional service that SEEC will provide and will in no way impact the other services received.

What advantages could there be to switching Behavioral Support Services to SEEC?

SEEC believes in providing Behavioral Support Services in a comprehensive and consistent manner. We integrate supports and related staff training into the other services a person may receive to ensure that behavior support services align with a person’s goals to live, work, and thrive. Our staff are highly trained professionals who are ready to personalize a plan, and continuously review efficacy to determine any needed modifications to achieve the person’s desired outcomes.

If we choose to make a change, when would the transition take place?

We are offering people we support and their legal guardians the choice to move to SEEC Behavioral Support Services when the behavior plan needs to be renewed or during the Person‐Centered Planning Process. People not supported by SEEC should contact our Program Director of Health and Quality Assurance, Jillian Fisher-Bouchelle at 301-219-2686, or

Where can I receive more information or have questions answered in regard to this change?

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional information on SEEC’s Behavior Support Services, please contact our Program Director of Health and Quality Assurance, Jillian Fisher-Bouchelle, whose phone number and email are listed above.