What’s Next?

SEEC hasn’t stopped providing services throughout this pandemic. We’re just doing it differently. And we’ve learned a lot in the process.

In seeing some of the significant achievements people have made during this time, we’ve realized that the people we support have not only the potential but also the drive for being in meaningful relationships, having paid employment, and having choice and control of their own lives. We have learned that for many people, virtual supports with lessons and socialization have been an opportunity to thrive and show their creativity and talent. To that end, we want to be thoughtful about “What’s Next.”

We are continuing to rely on science and use our best judgement so as not to put anyone at risk unnecessarily.

We are looking at the vaccination rates of staff and the people we support and using health risk screening tools to determine next steps.

We are working on a plan and will communicate out what’s next in the coming weeks.

SEEC Vaccine Clinic Update:

We held our final vaccine clinic to ensure all people who had received their first dose via the CVS Clinics were able to get their second doses and become fully vaccinated. If you have questions regarding our vaccine clinics please email covidvaccination@seeconline.org and we will be in touch with you. 

We are excited to share that as SEEC is a Long-Term Care (LTC) provider, the people we support and their staff are considered at high risk of COVID19 and are now eligible for receiving vaccines in the 1b phase in Maryland.  

We have been assigned to CVS Omnicare as our vaccine clinic provider to administer COVID-19 vaccines to everyone who works for and receives support from SEEC. For more specific information, please see the attached letter that was sent to families on January 13, 2021.  

Also attached is the CVS consent form.  

For any questions, please email covidvaccination@seeconline.org

We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available. 

Here are some sites that might be helpful: 

Click the icon to learn about CDC vaccine recommendations.

Click the icon to learn more about how the CDC makes vaccine recommendations.

Click the icon for additional information on the safety protocols and practices.

Click the icon for information about side effects.

Click the icon to learn how the vaccine works. 

Here are a few videos that might be helpful to understand vaccines: 

NADSP General Vaccine Info

Simple General Vaccine Info (incl mRNA) - Scripps Health System

How mRNA Vaccines Work - asapScience postcast guys

Need help or know someone who needs help securing a vaccine?

Click on the icon above to complete a Google form to receive assistance from volunteers who are helping people get vaccine appointments.