Curriculum (Stay-At-Home)

Social Distancing Activities

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Health and Safety

How to (for Staff)

Are You Ready to Manage Your Own Healthcare

COVID-19 Info Card

Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout

Health and Exercise

How Does You Body Process Medication

How Germs Spread

How to Create a Healthy Plate

Personal Hygiene

Red Cross Disaster Prep Form

The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

What’s in My Kitchen Scavenger Hunt


Social Skills and Self-Advocacy

How to (for Staff)

Being Assertive is Not My Style

Career Disability Disclosure for Individuals with Disabilities

Disability Disclosure Doc

Great Things About Me

How to Talk to People


NonVerbal Expression Sheet

Riding the Bus with My Sister

Role Playing Assertive Behavior

Social Skill Worksheet

Speaking Up for Yourself

The Awesome Mary Show

The Interviewer


Career Interests

How to (for Staff)

Career Cluster Interest Survey

Career Clusters

Great Things About Me Interview

Hot Jobs

Intro to Work


Preferences Checklist

Things I Don’t Like to Do

Why People Work



How to (for Staff)

Art of Networking

Casual Contacts

Circle of Support

Map Your Contacts

Networking Is…

Networking Pitch Practice

Networking Pitch

The Elevator Speech

Who Can Be In Your Circle


Stress Management

How to (for Staff)

Coping Skills

Headspace Mini Meditation

How Stress Can Make Us Sick

Journal Day 1 Prompt

Say Hello to Headspace

Self Care Tips

The Stress Cycle

Week Journal Prompts

What is Stress


The Arts

How to (for Staff)

Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

Compose Your Own Classical Music

Create Your Own Street Art

Is It Art

Journal Day 2 Prompt

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williems

Met Opera Streaming Performances

What is Art


Money Management

How to (for Staff)

Money Habits Assessment

Money Management Vocab Terms

Needs Vs. Wants Activity

Play Spent

Review and Play Spent

Spending and Saving



How to (For Staff)

A Thousand Words

Handout 1

Handout 2

Handout 3

Journal Day 4 Prompt

Nonverbal Communication


Speaking Up

What Style Is It Part 1

What Style Is It Part 2

Words to Role Play

Exit Card




How to (For Staff)

Cast Your Vote Game

MD Voter Registration

Voting Lesson

We Will

Why Voting Is Important



Let’s Get Physical

How to (For Staff)

Spirit Club Online Classes

Virtual Spirit Club Flyer


Virtual Travel

How to (For Staff)

Art Museums

Journal Day 5 Prompt

National Parks

Natural History Museum

Zoo Livestreams


Fun Friday – Jeopardy

Fun Friday Jeopardy Instructions

Jeopardy Word Bank

New Fun Friday Jeopardy




How to (For Staff)

Empathy Powerpoint

Empathy Worksheet

What is Empathy?

Online Exit Card