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Workforce Development and Project SEARCH Update

It’s always busy in the Workforce Development Department, from getting to know job seekers through discovery activities, to expanding our employer and internship network, to making sure the individuals we support at work continue to grow and thrive. As a way of context, let’s share some of the top line numbers across Project Search-MD sites (NIH and Montgomery County government), Project Search-DC (Smithsonian and Hilton Capital Area Region) and Workforce Development (WFD).

  • $2.5 Million–Total amount of income generated by people supported by SEEC each year through paid work, contract work and small business revenues
  • 265–Number of interns that have participated in Project Search programs led by SEEC since 2010 across all four sites in MD and DC (with a 90% graduation rate). Our first program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is celebrating our 9th year of operation
  • 75%–Percentage of Project Search graduates who have gained paid employment as a result of the program or with SEEC’s ongoing assistance
Workforce Development is working collaboratively with Community Employment Network (CEN) Program to forge a new more efficient and effective approach to support more job seekers as they explore customized employment. Customized employment is the key missing piece for job seekers with the most complex disabilities, and SEEC continues to lead this progressive approach to employment supports. In addition, Workforce Development is leveraging a Transforming and Innovating Practices (TIP) grant from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) to bring in a consultant to upgrade our Employer Outreach and Development processes, skills and effectiveness.