Volunteer Program Vision

To empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work, and thrive by maximizing employment opportunities and social capital.



SEEC provides volunteers with meaningful experiences that may be educational, social, or enriching. Volunteers are strategically matched to volunteer opportunities at SEEC based on their skill set, availability, and interests. In addition to the community benefits of volunteering at SEEC, volunteers may:

  • Receive Disability Awareness training
  • Explore interests with room for growth within the program
  • Broaden social or professional networks
  • Gain opportunities to attend SEEC events, trainings, and meetings
  • Practice professional skills
  • Gain experience in the world of nonprofits and Disability Services
  • Receive Student Service Learning (SSL) Credit
  • Receive formal and informal recognition



Skills Instructor

Skills Instructors teach a professional skill, life skill, or hobby to a small group of adults with disabilities. Specific skills could be workplace etiquette, time management, finances, health, technology, cooking, music/art, dance, etc. Other topics may be coordinated as well.

Speaker Series

Volunteers host a job seeker or a small group of job seekers with disabilities at their place of work. Volunteers share the specific job positions, duties, environment, relationships, and finances related to their line of work in an immersive shadowing or job trial experience.


Job*, Health, or Financial mentors are matched with an individual or small group of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities needing support in the corresponding area. Mentors meet monthly with the mentee and their Direct Support Staff.
*Includes Mock Interviewers

Agency Support

Agency Support Volunteers work alongside SEEC staff at our administrative offices or during SEEC events. SEEC is looking for volunteer photographers, videographers, translators, and events/fundraising volunteers.

Quality Advisory Council Member

A committee that helps ensure that people receiving supports from SEEC are living lives of their own choosing and working towards their goals and dreams.

Human Rights Standing Committee Member

The Committee ensures that policies, programs and activities of SEEC are consistent with the rights and dignities of the people SEEC supports. This includes promoting innovative, quality support services and viewing complaints of human rights violations and actions taken to correct and/or remedy such violations.


How to Become a SEEC Volunteer


SEEC welcomes all who are interested in supporting our mission to apply to volunteer. Volunteers will be matched based on the applicant’s interests, availability, skills, and our current volunteer needs. More information regarding the duties, qualifications, and time requirements of SEEC’s volunteer opportunities can be found here:

All Opportunities

Application Process

All volunteers submit a volunteer application form. The form should be sent to volunteer@seeconline.org alongside a copy of the applicant’s resume. Upon receipt of these documents, the Volunteer Coordinator will review the application and conduct an interview to determine the applicant’s interests, availability, and goodness of fit. All applicants must receive an official acceptance from the Volunteer Coordinator before performing any volunteer activities at SEEC.


Background Check

Some volunteer positions at SEEC require a background check. If required, the Volunteer Coordinator will provide the applicant with instructions on how to complete this process.

Once Accepted

If selected, the applicant will attend volunteer orientation (held once a month) and will be asked to sign SEEC’s volunteer waivers. All program notices can be found in SEEC’s Volunteer Handbook



Please submit any inquiries to volunteer@seeconline.org