Moving Out


Launched in September 2022 under Transition Services, Moving Out is a new program to assist families and young adults in developing skills needed to live independently. The goal is for young adults and their families to identify what it means to live happy healthy lives of their choosing. Young adults and their families benefit from practicing skills in a safe, familiar, home environment. 

By the end of the six-month program, each person participating in the Moving Out program will collaboratively create a personal portfolio that will guide them in their independent living. Families will be able to understand and use Charting the Life Course Tools post program. There will be virtual and in-person cohort classes, individual coaching on program curriculum, a panel of community resources, and skills assessments to determine levels of support needed. 

The program will continually be adapted and enhanced to ensure person-centered planning by utilizing pre- and post-program surveys which will gather feedback and data collection on skills, knowledge and competencies gained. 

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