November 2021 E-News

What’s Up with Services?!

A monthly update on re-envisioning SEEC services post pandemic
By Sherry Beamer, Director of Services

SEEC staff worked through the summer with people supported and families who had been supported through the Discoveries Program to transition their services into either Community Engagement or Supported Living services. This allows us to provide more stable staffing, and service expertise.

In Supported Living a team was created to support people who live in their own homes or apartments and receive less than 40 hours a week of service. This team has future plans to create specialized services to assisting people to move out of their family home. In Community Engagement a new team was created to provide supports during the early evening and weekends. People on this team usually live with their family members and are looking for support to assist people to continue supports afterwards in building independence in their family home and increase personal connections.