November SEEC Insider

Community Employment Network-Workforce Development Professional Day

On Columbus Day, Monday, October 8th, staff members of Community Employment Network and Workforce Development gathered at Coffield Community Center for a professional day of learning and collaboration. The day’s topics focused on fostering independence for the people we support in several important areas: on the jobsite, in building friendships and relationships, and with the use of technology. Customized Employment Consultant Abby Taylor provided a workshop on tools coaches can use to promote self-reliance on a job site. Curtis John offered a presentation on iPad and iPhone apps such as checklists, task organizers, and storyboard sequencing apps. The importance of supporting people in making friendships and building networks was the topic of Cimone Colbourn’s interactive presentation. Coaches identified people in their own personal circles and then discussed ways they could assist people to build fuller networks of their own.

The day provided an opportunity for CEN colleagues from our four different teams to reconnect and to meet some of the coaches and consultants in Workforce Development. The annual professional day offered some new tools, techniques, and a forum for sharing ideas.

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