Operating Schedule & Inclement Weather

Operating Schedule/Holidays

Inclement Weather Policy

SEEC follows Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) closure policy during inclement weather as announced by TV and radio stations. You may check SEEC’s website for our current operation status during inclement weather.

  • If MCPS is closed all day for inclement weather: SEEC’s day programs are closed. Our Supported Living program is always “open.”
  • If MCPS has a delayed opening for inclement weather: SEEC offices and programs are open normal hours, 9am-5pm.
  • If MCPS closes early for inclement weather: SEEC staff will contact families to make transportation arrangements to send individuals home.
  • If MCPS is open for “administrative personnel only” during inclement weather: SEEC will not provide vocational and day support services to individuals. SEEC Staff should contact their supervisor ASAP

In the event of inclement weather and SEEC is open but MCPS is already closed due to their normal operating calendar, please contact your direct support staff.

Employment and Day Supports

Follow MCPS closure policy as announced through various media, and as explained above. Individuals supported in paid positions follow their employers’ policy concerning weather closures.

Supported Living

Individuals in Supported Living will continue to be supported at home if the conditions outside are determined to be unsafe, and if the individuals’ day programs are not operating.


Expect delays during inclement weather.