SEEC was such an asset to us when we reopened Dawson’s back in late 2018 and continues to be a major supporter. It has always been difficult to fill certain entry level positions and often when they are filled turnover is a problem. SEEC was able to find us two terrific employees for our janitorial staff and they are still with us today. Not only did SEEC find the candidates but they screened them and scheduled interviews with a few so we could chose the best. Another huge benefit is the practice shift they set up. This allowed the applicants to come in and work a shift to see it was a good fit for both of us. I know we have all hired people who last just a few days once they see what the job entails. This was a great process to eliminate that potential. SEEC also handled all of the tax paperwork and followed up months later to make sure it was processed. Lastly, they have stayed in constant contact checking in regularly and offering any assistance needed – I don’t think any recruiter offers that service. And the two individuals from SEEC we have are a vital part of our store and a pleasure to see every day.

– Bart Yablonsky, Dawson’s Market

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contact our Employer Outreach team lead, Pam Toole at or 240-705-2705.