Steve Blanks
Director of Partnerships

Closeup of person with a light blue shirt smiling with white background.

Steve has served as the Director of Partnerships since 2019, having previously joined SEEC in 1999 as the Director of Medical Day programs and transitioning to Director of Workforce Development. In his current role, Steve is developing a more strategic approach to how the agency engages with its respective external partners, be they the families we support, the employer community, the people we support, funders/donors, volunteers, etc. Steve oversees SEEC’s first volunteer and internship unit, which has grown a strong base of community allies to serve as mentors, career counselors, educators, neighbors and partners to the people we support.  He also weaves his unique experience and history with SEEC to benefit internal departments, lending his knowledge and guidance to leaders throughout the agency.

Steve acts as a liaison for the Governance Committee of the agency’s Board, and support to the Executive Committee. Steve prides himself on refreshing many of the board’s processes and tools, and engaging board members through strategic work, leading to a stronger group. Steve also serves as special projects lead for agency-wide initiatives requiring executive oversight, such as investment activity, and building-related matters. During the recent pandemic, Steve championed the successful implementation of 3 Covid clinics in conjunction with CVS ensuring over 300 people we support, their families and staff received that all important vaccine. As a veteran of the employment field for persons with IDD, Steve has had the opportunity to present at various regional, national and international industry conferences including the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE) Transitioning Youth Conference, Maryland Association of Community Services, TASH International Conference and multiple APSE (Association of Persons with Supported Employment) International Conferences & Regional Institutes, as well as Project SEARCH International Conferences. Steve’s prior experience includes working in the for-profit sector as a business consultant for Fortune 500 companies on a range of strategic and organizational issues.

Steve has a unique interest in this field, as his eldest brother has a developmental disability and is successfully living and working in the community in Kansas City, Missouri. Steve holds a Master of Engineering, Economics, and Management degree from University of Oxford, England.