Macena is served by SEEC’s Community Employment Network receiving supports to develop a daily schedule which provides her the opportunity to explore her employment and personal goals. In 2002, Macena wrote and published a book about how disability pushed her to be her best self. Macena now has a lifestyle blog and writes for various publications with support from SEEC staff.

SEEC embraces Person-Centered Thinking and Planning as best practices to help men and women achieve their personal goals for an enriching life in which they are able to THRIVE. Rather than a “one size fits all” program, Person-Centered Thinking and Planning sees each person as the focal point and strives to create customized opportunities for:

  • employment,
  • education,
  • recreation, and
  • social activities.

All supports are delivered in the community and reflect each person’s strengths, needs, interests and desires.

Through a process called “discovery”, SEEC staff work with people supported, their family members, and others important in their lives, to help them chart out how they would like to use their services to obtain their personal goals.

Discovery involves on-going dialogue with the person and with people significant in his or her life. Staff observations and interactions with the person in familiar and novel community experiences also inform the Discovery process. This customized process is used to identify employment, recreational, and educational opportunities in each person’s local community which match his or her interests and skills. Findings of the Discovery process are used to develop a Person-Centered Plan of individualized goals for:

  • employment,
  • personal development,
  • and daily living.

The Person-Centered Plan builds upon a person’s interests and career goals and matches them to the resources and economic requirements of their local community. Staff facilitate implementation of the plan and independence in the community. Through this process, the people SEEC supports are able to live and thrive.

Another way SEEC helps people to thrive is through the Individual Supports Program which assists people in their educational, recreational, fitness, and social endeavors with individualized supports. Individual Supports serve people who reside in their own home and are assisted by a circle of support.

  • SEEC’s community engagement coaches work with each person to create a monthly schedule of well-rounded, meaningful experiences that provide personal enrichment and prosperous employment.
  • Our coaches provide training and assistance as needed.
  • When appropriate, coaches develop or obtain adaptive equipment to help each person become as independent as possible.

People receiving Individual Supports spend their entire day in the community. Half of each day is spent working, volunteering, or participating in job-readiness activities. The other half is filled with educational, leisure and fitness activities. Both the Individual Supports Program and the Community Living Program, for those who require more traditional community residential services, operate under the Supported Living Department.