Seeking Employment, Equality
and Community

for people with developmental disabilities

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities want to work, make friends, learn and live in homes of their choosing and SEEC is here to help them achieve those dreams. Their assimilation in all aspects of community life in Montgomery County and Washington D.C. contributes to the diversity of our society and fosters a sense of commonality.

Our Impact


Employers partnering with SEEC to strengthen our community's workforce


People supported to be fully engaged in their communities


The percentage of people SEEC supports who earn income (as compared with national average of 20%)


Professionals statewide who have advanced their career development by participating in collaborations lead by SEEC

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The Maryland Direct Support Professional (MDDSP) Training
Consortium By Anna Oldham

The Maryland Direct Support Professional (MDDSP) Training Consortium’s DSP II program has just credentialed over 60 learners from six agencies.

As part of our plan to expand this workforce, SEEC worked with learners from Jubilee Association of Maryland, Compass, Inc., Spring Dell Center, Ardmore Enterprises,
and Arc Montgomery County. In total, the Consortium ran three separate cohorts made possible by generous support from the Maryland Department of Labor and EARN
Maryland Program.

In addition to SEEC’s, Jubilee hosted its own group of learners, and Compass and Spring Dell Center teamed up to host the third. We also welcomed 14 Front Line Supervisors
into the training. Now that they are credentialed, these supervisors will help support their DSP IIs to use their many new skills in their daily practice.

Click here to read this and more from our latest newsletter:

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We hope you will join us for our next Project SEARCH virtual info session. For questions and or accommodation requests, please reach out to John Eusebe

SEEC Congratulates Greg Davison for completing the Maryland Direct Support Training Consortium’s DSP II training!

“Two competencies the DSP II program champions are Employment and Person-Centered supports. Our focus is on empowering people to lead their lives in the direction they’ve... always dreamed. Since the DSP II program, I’ve had the opportunity to apply these competencies by coaching someone I support through his goal of obtaining paid employment. This includes supporting him to research jobs he is interested in, filling out applications, and tracking progress and updates using an Excel spreadsheet. Taking charge of the process to obtain employment gives him the courage and satisfaction of being in the driver’s seat of his future."

The MDDSP II and Mentor Trainings are made possible by generous support from the Maryland Department of Labor, EARN Maryland Program.

On February 18th, Karen Lee, SEEC’s Executive Director and Nancy Eaby, SEEC’s Program Director of Project SEARCH provided testimony before the Committee on Human Services at the performance oversight hearing for the Department on Disability Services and the Office of Disability Rights.
Nancy highlighted the disparity in the rate of reimbursement between identical services funded by the DC Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). Karen addressed the topic of limiting DC DDA eligibility requirements. Both recommended that the DC DDA stand by their commitment to becoming an Employment First State by incentivizing DDA providers with a rate that allows providers to pay a living wage to their employment staff.

Creative Options for Using Virtual Training
to Spur Career Development
The YES! Center is pleased to announce the first in a three-part webinar series focused on strategies for continuing to support youth and young adults with significant disabilities in preparing for and pursuing ...employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our first webinar, entitled "Creative Options for Using Virtual Training to Spur Career Development", will be hosted on Wednesday, February 24th from 3:00-4:30 P.M. Eastern. In this first webinar, participants will learn about dynamic models for using virtual trainings and technological tools for helping motivate individuals with I/DD and their families to continue to pursue career development goals during COVID-19.
The webinar will feature three presenters whose careers span the world of employment for people with disabilities:
• Sherry Beamer
Director, Community Employment Network Department, SEEC
• Laura Owens
President, TransCen, Inc.
• Brianna Shults
Internship and Employment Coordinator, InclusiveU, Syracuse University
The webinar is free, but registration is required! Please register for this webinar here:

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Creative Options for Using Virtual Training to Spur Career Development webinar registration, Feb 24th, 3:00-4:30 PM Eastern (part 1 of 3)

SEEC’s Encouraging Change Helping Others (ECHO) team is leading the organization to ensure SEEC is a community that acknowledges our racial diversity and disparity and appropriately addresses it. As part of the efforts, the ECHO team has compiled a list of resources to assist staff and partners addressing race and inequity.

ECHO Resources on Race and Equity:

Racial Equity Tools offers tools, research, tip, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working for racial justice at every level.

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Racial Equity Tools | Home

Racial Equity Tools offers tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those...

Congratulations to SEEC’s Business Advisory Council member, Bart Yablonsky of Dawson's Market , for his being named the Rockville’s 2021 Local Business Person of the Year! In addition to his many other achievements, Bart is also an employer partner of SEEC and a champion for inclusion for ...many years. Congratulations Bart!

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Rockville's 2021 Local Business Person Of The Year Revealed!

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