Seeking Employment, Equality
and Community

for people with developmental disabilities

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities want to work, make friends, learn and live in homes of their choosing and SEEC is here to help them achieve those dreams. Their assimilation in all aspects of community life in Montgomery County and Washington D.C. contributes to the diversity of our society and fosters a sense of commonality.

Our Impact


Employers partnering with SEEC to strengthen our community's workforce


People supported to be fully engaged in their communities


The percentage of people SEEC supports who earn income (as compared with national average of 20%)


Professionals statewide who have advanced their career development by participating in collaborations lead by SEEC

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After six months on the job, Brett advances at UPS! Thank you to the amazing staff at the Gaithersburg, MD shipping hub, and to SEEC staff, Willow Newman, for facilitating a strong working employer relationship! #inclusionworks #liveworkthrive

Learn more about the significance of June 19th at

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SEEC is an Early Adopter

In February 2021, SEEC began its transition from the current Department of Disabilities Administration (DDA)billing system into the new Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) system which will coordinate payments and service delivery in a more effective and ...streamlined manner. SEEC is one of
three agencies that will “go live” in the new billing system on July 1, 2021 with more agencies following in October and January. (Read this entire article and more in our latest newsletter

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QIAGEN Life Sciences is making an impact through their vital work and in the life of Elizabeth who now works in their HR deparment. Thank you, Maja Owens and Derry Velardi, SHRM-SCP, PHR, for the warm welcome, and offering Elizabeth an opportunity to shine! #LiveWorkThrive #InclusionWorks ...#communitypartnerships

Hiring from SEEC is a smart thing to do, a great way to diversify your workforce, improve efficiency, and demonstrate your commitment to improving the lives of others in your community.

Here’s what we provide:

1. Customized approach to business needs to identify entry level tasks that will improve efficiency and bottom line.
2. Pre-screened candidates to match qualifications
3. On-site job coaching to improve retention
4. Ongoing communication between you and the SEEC job coach

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Become an Employer | SEEC

A special thank you goes to Project SEARCH mentor Jason Schriml from Special Olympics Maryland! Your mentorship and guidance have been invaluable to Jamar and Christopher in their work with Special Olympics. Thank you for giving them a creative learning opportunity to develop their skills and gain... additional experience!
To learn more about the Project SEARCH internship programs please visit our website at
#LiveWorkThrive #CommunityPartnerships#InclusionWorks

Congratulations to Javi who is the new Service Steward at Seasons 52. Thank you to Patricia Taylor and team for your support of inclusive hiring! Great food, service and team which now includes Javi!

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

Just a reminder that there will be no day programs or virtual activities on Monday, May 31st. However, Supported Living is always "open".

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