Our volunteer matching process is person-centered, meaning that we match opportunities with volunteers based on their personal interests and skill sets. Some of these opportunities have included participating in mock interviews, joining Job Club as a guest speaker, helping with events, and serving on committees.  

If you would like to learn more about ways to help the people we support live, work, and thrive through volunteerism, please complete our interest form.

This summer internship was an extremely unique experience that truly opened my eyes to a new professional world that I was completely unaware of even coming from the same field. 

It is important that this understanding continues to grow and reach others who have even less experience working with individuals with disabilities.” – Sara

SEEC really made me feel welcomed and I could read in everyone’s face, even if it was just for a moment, that they felt welcomed and loved too.” – Athena

SEEC works hard to make sure the rights of the people they support are safe and  protected. They do not need to be rescued, they need to be supported.

People with disabilities deserve to live a fulfilled life with relationships, a career, and responsibility, and this organization makes that happen.” – Charlotte