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What’s Up with Services?!

A monthly update on re-envisioning SEEC services post pandemic

By Sherry Beamer, Director of Services

Of our four programs, Community Engagement was the one that shifted the most during the pandemic. The people we support and the staff who support them quickly transitioned from spending their days volunteering, working, taking classes, exercising, socializing, etc. to continuing this on computers in creative ways. This experience found us all re-thinking person-centered supports together.

At the end of May, we held a “Visioning Lab” of 15 people supported, families, and a variety of staff to expand the planning of returning to service. This session was facilitated by Donne Allen who is the joint leader with me in this process. We answered questions from our past and present experiences about what supports and doesn’t support the SEEC vision. Key themes that we are focusing on from the Lab are:

• Supports for the person and relationship building not focused on places

• Quality service plans developed for each person based on SEEC values

• Stable, trained, and empowered staff

Now that half the country is vaccinated with more getting vaccinated each day, our communities are starting to re-open. Our Community Engagement pilot to return to in person support is increasing from 3 people to include another 15 with the lessons we have learned to date. Described below are those key lessons.

Neighborhood Based Schedule of Service

We start in the person’s neighborhood to understand opportunities, connections and transportation to building a service schedule. Sometimes this has included support in the person’s home. Timing is important for this schedule because many open businesses require reservations for timed entry that require pre-planning.

Group Learning

We are rebuilding classes with a trial schedule of four week options on career development and relationships. Because we are needing to relearn what is available in communities and when, this will provide us with some schedule stability and the opportunity to launch skill building practices in neighborhoods after class.

We plan to continue the “Visioning Lab” as an ongoing guidance group to re-envision our services. We are looking for more interested people we support and family members to join us. If you are interested joining the guidance group, contact Donne Allen at dallen@seeconline.org.

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